About us

Our objectives are clear: we aim to create an European triple helix between the military, industry, and academia to strengthen the collaboration concerning innovation projects and to encourage experience and knowledge sharing. 

This platform is open to individuals or organisations who wish to actively contribute to any ongoing European projects in the field of Land Force Innovation. The site, the knowledge pool, and the members forum are free to use and publicly available.

This platform aims to create a triple helix between the military, industry, and academia.

It was launched to strengthen the collaboration of innovative projects and to promote sharing of experiences and knowledge in each of these domains.  

“The primary reasons that pushed me to want to collaborate with Finabel were not only the excellent standards at which the magazine holds itself but most importantly the diversity of the topics explored and the non-partisan comprehensive concepts it covers. My experience could not have been any more positive with whole team involved in the publishing and communication process of the magazine. The articles published really do complement and dive deep into exploring both the EU and NATO military structures. I’d recommend this experience to anyone looking to get involved within EU defence.”
elisabeth malo
Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo
Freelance Reporter in Defence & Security